Prayer on the street in Jakarta, Indonesia

After praying, this mans' leg grows out, he is surprised

Prayer in a shop in Jakarta, Indonesia

Praying for a man in a small shop, gets healed and converted

Arm grows out after prayer in Jakarta, Indonesia

Praying for a woman, gets healed, arm grows out

Healings in Walthamstowe England

Take a look at what happened in Walthamstowe England in June 2016

Healed from backpain

Women healed from backpain after prayer

Curvature of the spine healed

Curvature of the spine, 20 years of pain healed.

Extreme weakness healed

Restored strength and salvation after healing

Headache healed

After 10 years headache, pain is gone!

Paralysis due to caraccident healed

injuries, even couldn't speak, healed by Jesus.